If we don't help each other in our time of need, who will help us? We rely on the help of community members to assist individuals and families in need.Every little bit helps. Whatever you can give is needed and appreciated. Your donation will help your friend, neighbor or family member in need. They may not look like they need help, but if they do, don't you want them to receive it?

Thank you for answering the call and partnering with HOPE in restoring dignity  to our brothers and sisters inn need. May you and your family be blessed with health, success and happiness always.


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Our goal at HOPE is to  minimize our overhead and allow for every dollar raised to go directly to help a family. Consider sponsoring some of our marketing and operational expenses to enable the organization to be totally funded.

$1 A Week

Donate $1 Each week Befor Hadlokas Neiros. Enter Shabbos while giving HOPE and light to a family in need.

HOPE is a registered 501c3 Organizations. All Contributions will receive tax-deductible receipts

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Give REAL Hope To REAL People

 CLICK HERE to read  some actual scenarios from our files and choose to alleviate the pain of a specific case.