The Goldfarb * family was a regular family. The father has a decent job, the children are all well-groomed and cared for. The mother has a part-time job which  complements their income. They were comfortable...until Shani became ill.

Shani, their 12 year old daughter was a regular 6th grade girl until one day she was diagnosed with an illness which sent the family's whole world into disarray. 

the extra medical bills found them in crisis mode. They usually were able to make ends meet, but now find themselves in a pickle. They need some financial help to get over this hurdle...

* Names  have been changed to protect the privacy of the families.



Moshe Hillel * worked at the same company for almost 20 years. It wasn't the perfect job, but it more or less paid the bills. Between his income and the additional income brought in by his wife's part-time job they made it each month.

Without any advance warning, Moshe Hillel was laid off from his job. He finds himself with bills piling up, debt collectors hounding him, his electricity in danger of being shut off....he is in a temporary crisis, until he can get himself back on his feet. he and his family need help.


Times are tough for the Blumbergs* . Mrs. Blumberg was recently diagnosed with a serious disease and the whole family is in disarray.

Mr. Blumberg has no menucha as he deals with his wife's condition,. The children's  need for attention, lack of money for groceries and tuition and the babysitters for the children are really squeezing the family.

They are in a crisis mode and need help to get back on track.